The most basic form of carbon steel is hot rolled steel.  Hot rolled steel coil is instantly recognizable by the bluish-tinge scale that covers the outside surface of a hot rolled carbon steel coil.  

The scale covering hot rolled steel is actually iron oxide that forms on the surface of the steel during a chemical reaction that occurs when the hot rolled steel is created at a steel mill.  Because of this scale, hot rolled steel is best suited for use where the surface finish is not critical to the end user.  

The most common grades of hot rolled steel include:
•    A36
•    A1011
•    A1018 (High Strength)
•    CQ (Commercial Quality)
•    A786 (Floor Plate)

Because of hot rolled carbon steel’s versatility, it is used in a wide range of products.  These include but are not limited to products in: 
•    Construction
•    Shipbuilding
•    Appliances
•    Industrial machinery
•    Truck equipment
•    Tanks
•    Pressure vessel tanks
•    Farm equipment
•    Dump bodies
•    Containers
•    Trailers
•    Rail-car parts
•    Metal buildings
•    Platforms
•    Guard rails
•    Shelving products
•    Waste equipment

In addition to vanilla hot rolled steel sheet, plate, and coil, other hot rolled steel products include diamond plate/floor plate, high strength low alloy, and hot rolled pickled and oiled (HRP&O) steel.  Camden Yards Steel carries a wide range of all four of these products.  

•    Hot Rolled Floor/Diamond Plate Coil and Plate - Diamond/floor plate is hot rolled carbon steel that has raised lugs in a diamond shaped pattern on surface.  It is ideal for its non-slip features.    

•    Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Steel Sheet, Plate, and Coil - High strength low alloy steel is more corrosive resistant than regular hot rolled carbon steel.  It also has higher yield strength and toughness and can therefore handle more stress than regular carbon steel.  

•    Hot Rolled Pickled and Oil (P&O) Sheet, Plate, Coil and Slit Coil - Hot Rolled P&O technically does not have scale, but is still considered hot rolled steel.  HRP&O steel is created through a process where the scale that forms on the surface of carbon steel is removed using acid baths.  To prevent rusting after the skin is removed, the steel is “pickled” by applying dried oil is to its surface.  

Camden Yards Steel carries a wide range and variety of hot rolled steel products.  These include products with the following specs:

PRODUCT TYPE: Coil, Sheet, Plate, Slit Coil
THICKNESSES: .055 (16 Gauge) - .500 (1/2") – Heavier plate inquiries please ask.
GRADES: A36, A1011, A1018 (High Strength), CQ (Commercial Quality), A786

For more information about any of our hot rolled steel products, please give us a call at 1-888-373-9300.  Thanks for stopping by!