High Speed Loop Type Slitting

State-of-the-art high speed slitting capabilities including 62 inch wide, multi head, 60,000 pound uncoiling and recoiling capacity. Able to reach 1,500 feet per minute. Fully automatic packaging line. Close tolerance slitting.

Precision Plate Leveling

Herr-Voss precision leveling line with fully backed up tandem levelers with thickness range of 0.060” (16 Gauge) through 0.500” (1/2").  Widths up to 96 inches and lengths up to 600 inches long. 80,000 pound uncoiling capacity. Edge trimming capability & flatness critical applications. Auto skid injection stacking & the latest technology in packaging.

Multi-Cut Precision Blanking

Four high Herr-Voss multi-cut blanking lines with Red Bud cut to length packaging line. Thickness range of 0.012” (30 Gauge) through 0.135” (10 Gauge).  Widths up to 72 inches & lengths up to 144 inches long. 50,000 pound uncoiling capacity. Exacting tolerances, high speeds and automatic changeovers.

Custom Shearing

Custom shearing available.  Thickness up to 3/8".  Widths up to 14'.

Have specific requests or questions about Camden Yards Steel's capabilities?  Please contact us.


Camden Yards Steel’s ability to identify and deliver value-added processes for its customers results in a high level of satisfaction by all of its stakeholders, including its vendors, customers, employees, the community and its owners. The company offers hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, coated steel products, floor plate and custom pre-painted coils and sheets. Camden Yards Steel is the only steel processor on the waterfront that can lift 60 tons at a time, more than sufficient to handle the largest coils produced by steel manufacturers.  Camden Yards Steel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.